Hey Collectors!

Are you prepared? September is National Preparedness Month. Living in California, we all know that an earthquake can strike at any minute. Even if we are lucky to not experience an earthquake, it is good to be prepared for other emergencies. I have peace of mind because if something happens, my family and I are prepared.

Getting Started! I encourage you to take the month of September to create an Emergency / Preparedness Pack or Kit. Some of the things you will want to think about keeping in your emergency pack include:

  • Medicine;

  • Food and water (one gallon per person per day) for 3 days per person;

  • Cash or travelers checks;

  • First aid kit;

  • A change of clothes;

  • Feminine supplies; and

  • Matches and a flashlight with back up batteries.

If you have infants you will need items like diapers and wipes. What else would you like to include in your emergency kit? Do you need toys or activities for your children?

Create a checklist. I have a checklist of all the items I have in my Emergency Kit. I keep it on the computer so I can easily update, in case I need to add something like medicine. I have it posted on the pantry door as well as on my bag in the garage. Here’s a checklist from Ready.gov to get you started: https://www.ready.gov/sites/default/files/documents/files/checklist_1.pdf

Don’t forget your pets! Our pets are family as I am sure they are for many collectors. When preparing for you and your family, prepare for your pets. Here are some of the things you may want to have packed: carrier, leash, food, meds, water, litter, toys and a blanket.

Stay in touch! Facebook now allows you to alert people if you are safe in the event of a disaster or tragedy. However, if power fails, you may not be able to use phones or computers. Consider having a safe place to meet family or friends. Have a plan and decide who will evacuate any elderly or disabled people that cannot leave on their own. Once you have arrived at your meeting place, you can let the outside world know you are okay.

Storing. In our car, we have a change of clothes for each family member. We keep extra food and water in our pantry and have extended emergency packs, including cash, for each person in the garage. Pick a place where you can easily find what you need quickly. Consider having a mini emergency supply kit in your car.

Go through your supplies annually. Go though your kit every year and make sure everything is still working, hasn’t expired and still suits your needs.

If you would like to learn more about National Preparedness Month, volunteering or participating, you can find more information here: https://www.ready.gov/september

Are you super prepared and ready for anything or have you done nothing? What are your struggles with getting prepared for an emergency? Share your comments below.

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