Depression and Clutter – Tips on tackling both!

Hey Collectors! With the holidays coming up, many people find themselves depressed. Clutter can also cause depression.

Which came first? If you weren’t depressed before clutter, you more than likely feel down about your surroundings now. Depression might be one of the reasons you have clutter. By identifying why you clutter, you can brainstorm ideas to help you more easily declutter.

People tend to suppress depression through overeating or over shopping, doing drugs or excessive drinking. It’s easier to be distracted and not deal with pain, grief, embarrassment, and shame.

depression and clutter

If you are open to my suggestions, here are five tips I believe can help your depression and clutter. Tackling your depression will lead to more clarity about the clutter in your home.

1. Seek professional help. Find out what’s best for you through your health care plan. Find out costs and out of pocket expenses. Ask friends for recommendations; do research, check out reviews on Yelp. You could see a psychiatrist or a therapist, or both. Both are trained to help with depression and can offer options such as medication or cognitive behavior therapy. There are several ways to help your depression and a licensed medical professional will help you decide what is best for you.

2. Prayer and meditation. Depending on your religious or spiritual beliefs, reach out to the powers around you to help you.

3. Share some of your pain with a trusted friend or family member. We tend to clutter our hearts with overflowing shame. Letting go of a lot of that will help you feel lighter emotionally.

4. Write in a journal or keep a diary. We tend to clutter our hearts and mind with overflowing emotional pain. By letting go of some of those negative emotions, you allow your heart and your mind more room for love and tenderness. You don’t have to reread your journal or keep it. You may choose to burn it and release all of the negative energy and emotions. The hope is this will help you declutter your heart and your mind.

5. Be good to yourself. Stop punishing yourself! Take a shower. Let the water run through your hair, gently wash your face, brush your teeth, eat healthy, and get exercise.

How would you take care of a dear friend or family member that was in pain? Take a moment to think about a person and how you would take care of them if they were in your position. Knowing you my dear collectors, you would be right by their side, nursing them back to health and giving the shirt off your back. People do much more for others they care about than they do for themselves. It’s time to treat yourself like you treat others.

I hope you feel better soon, Collectors, if you have been feeling depressed and that these five tips helped you.

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Does your clutter make you depressed? Have you become depressed because of your clutter? Are you overwhelmed and keep trying unsuccessfully to get started? Collector Care can help! We are compassionate and non-judgmental and can get you organized, help with hoarding or clearing clutter in your home or business.

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Black Friday BOGO Essential Oil Sale! Aromatherapy for clutter!


Hey Collectors!

Have you ever used essential oils? Tried aromatherapy? I am a huge fan and use with my clients all the time.

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aromatherapy and organizing

Why would you want to use aromatherapy? There are numerous benefits, including:

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* increase circulation. 1

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Aromatherapy + Organizing

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How long should you declutter at one time?

What Now? How Long Do I Declutter For?

Hey Collectors!

Our What Now? Series continues. This is #9 in the series. I really encourage you to check out all the episodes I have created. I have Where Do I Begin? that helps you in beginning the process of decluttering. The What Now? Series continues the process of decluttering. You can check out all Hoardganize episodes here:

I get asked this question all the time: “How long should I declutter for at a time? A day? An hour? A week?” I recommend that you declutter every single day. It sounds like a lot and an overwhelming amount of work to do. Take a deep breath. Even though I recommend decluttering daily, the amount of time you should spend is only 15 minutes before you take a break, especially if you are not used to decluttering.

time to organize

Fifteen minutes might not sound like a lot, but it will add up. Where did my recommendation come from? It’s a combination of my personal experience, colleagues, classes and hoarding books that I have read. I would like you to work 15 minutes and stop or take a break. It is up to you and your schedule where you fit the time.

Are you easily distracted? Set a timer, or use a visual timer, so you will know exactly when 15 minutes is up. It’s easy to get absorbed and lose track of time. Make sure you work on one task at a time. Especially if you have ADHD: one task at a time!

Not sure what area to work on? Go back to Episode 3 Where Do I Begin? and get a refresher. It is okay to be unsure of where to begin later in the process. Maybe you know where to begin and find it hard to prioritize. Fifteen minutes might not be enough. Begin with one task. Don’t get caught up in: “Should I start there? Or should is start here?” As Tony Robbins says, “Don’t should all over yourself.” Don’t waste your time in the “should” land.

Work one area for 15 minutes and stop. What do I mean by stop? Maybe you are on a roll and don’t want to stop. A stop can simply mean taking a deep breath, closing your eyes, shifting your seated position, getting water, eating a snack, going to the bathroom, petting your cat, dog or bearded dragon. You don’t have to stop completely what you are doing and abandon ship!

Collectors, remember to not make it all or nothing. Get out of this thinking pattern that is has to all be done at once or I won’t do anything at all. Or I am not going fast enough so that must mean I won’t ever finish and should quit now. Stop beating yourself up! Give yourself a break and acknowledge all the work you have done and how far you have come.

Keep focused on where you are. Do not start a new pile or project. And please try not to have multiple projects running at once, it will make it hard for you to focus. It’s especially important to finish one project before you start the next.

If you are done for the day after 15 minutes, congratulate yourself. You dedicated time and worked on your home. Fifteen minutes adds up and is a great way to start building new habits and routines. In the future, add more 15 minutes sections. Remember, you don’t have to go hard or go home; it is not all or nothing. Understand you are learning new methods of dealing with clutter. This clutter didn’t get in your home overnight, so it might take longer to get out of your home. That’s okay; tackle clutter 15 minutes at a time.

Are you shoulding all over yourself? Does the thought of spending 15 minutes working on decluttering overwhelm you? Collector Care can help! We can help you with getting organized, hoarding or decluttering your home or business.dont should all over yourself

Call Collector Care at 925.548.7750 or email to schedule your free 30-minute consultation and learn about how we can help you need a little support or a whole team.

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