Hey Collectors!

I wanted to talk about kindness and paying it forward. I especially benefited from the kindness of others when I was growing up. While it may not exactly have to do with clutter, hoarding and organizing, I believe, especially now, we need kindness more than ever. Be kind to hoarders!

Because I work with hoarders and those who have extreme clutter, I can see how unkind and cruel people can be. I talked about hoarding and hygiene last month because many hoarders struggle in this area. Too often we are quick to judge and make fun of someone with out knowing the whole picture. If you knew someone became a hoarder because they lost a child, would you have more empathy? Have you ever judged someone and then went through an experience that opened your eyes to having more understanding? I believe what we put out we get back, so I would like to suggest being kind.

Being kind doesn’t have to cost anything. We can make the choice to be kind. I have a friend and colleague who is doing a random act of kindness each day this year. She chose to do this because she wanted to make a difference in some small way each day.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.


What is the kindest thing someone did for you? Have you ever done a random act of kindness for someone? Share your comments below.

Ways to be Kind

Here are some ways you can easily practice being kind:

1. Random acts. Have fun with this. Maybe you leave a note on someone’s car windshield to remind him or her they are loved. Or buy coffee for the person behind you in line at Starbuck’s. I have found many times when we spread these random acts of kindness it is exactly what someone needed in that moment.

2. Smiling. Talk about a freebie! How many times do we fail to look someone in the eye and offer a kind smile? When someone smiles at us, it makes us feel good. I try and do this when I see someone who is homeless because I feel acknowledging them is very important because most people ignore them. Many homeless are Veterans who served our country, are mentally ill or may have had a crisis that has forced them onto the street.

Smiling is contagious and I bet you find yourself doing it more once you start.

3. Lending an ear. We all want to be heard and valued. Sometimes people just need to vent or to be reminded that someone cares. Allowing someone to lighten his or her load can go a long way.

4. Taking action. When I was single, I appreciated a neighbor that would sometimes bring my garbage and recycling cans in for me. It was a small act, but it made me feel less alone. I have a friend that always goes out of her way to help seniors. She was very close to her grandmother but lived far away from her in her later years. A woman about her age lived next door and would always spend time taking with her grandmother. She remembered how

happy that made her grandmother and vowed to pay the kindness forward.

5. Volunteering. There are so many wonderful organizations and non-profits that could always use a hand. Check out my blog post about tips to be a good volunteer and some of my favorite charities in the Bay area: https://collectorcare.com/bay-area-donation-center/

Looking for some kind hearted help with your hoarding, extreme clutter, organizing or decluttering? Our compassionate crew can help! Collector Care helps people clear clutter and get organized, including working with hoarders and hording situations as well as extreme clutter.

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