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This month my blogs are going to focus on self-care. I love the song by Crosby, Stills and Nash, “Love the One You’re With.” Why do I love it? Because I believe we can apply it to the clutter, all the stuff and all the objects in our lives. (We can apply it to a lot more, but my blog focuses on hoarding, clutter and organizing!)

If you really think about, clutter is somewhat the opposite of love. We consider it clutter because we aren’t loving it, using it or needing it. Clutter doesn’t bring us love; it can’t be a substitute for love, and it doesn’t bring us love, yet we still have lots of clutter!

So, why do we hold onto things we don’t love? While there are different reasons for each individual and they can be a combination of motives, I am going to share three reasons why I see many people hold onto things they don’t love.

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1. We might need it someday. This is a big one for people. Especially if people have faced poverty in their lives they are reluctant to let go of things. I encourage people to focus on the present. If we are always living in the past or future, we might not have a realistic sense of what we need. How can you practice being more present?

If you are worried that you may need something, can you come up with a plan so you can let some stuff go? For example, if you are holding onto gardening items and don’t have a garden, can you research and see if a store in your area rents out gardening tools? How about a local gardening club or a renting network? If you see other options and know you won’t have to go without, that might help you be able to let some things go.

2. We don’t want to offend someone. Have you ever been given a gift you didn’t like but were afraid you would hurt someone’s feelings if you let it go? While it is wonderful to be so concerned about someone’s feelings, if it is creating clutter then it isn’t good for you. Many times people won’t even remember if they gave you something. If the gift is from someone who is no longer in your life, could you take that first step to release it?

If the gift is from someone close to you, could you have a conversation with him or her? Tell them how you love them and are trying to release what isn’t a priority for you? You may discover that you help someone else who is on the journey of clearing his or her clutter.

3. Guilt over the amount of money spent. Do you have something that is hanging in your closet with the tags still on it but you haven’t donated it because of all the money you spent? Do you begin to get angry with yourself and then have a bunch of guilt? First of all, be easy on yourself. Getting upset with yourself will only add to your stress. It’s okay if you aren’t using something you spent a lot of money buying. The important step is to take action now.

This even happens to me! I think, “Gosh, I spent all that money, am I really ready to let it go?” What has helped me is having a charity that I love so that I know what I didn’t use will go to good use and help someone else.

If you are passionate about animals, check out my blog about items that animal shelters need. You might have a lot of these items and could easily bring a nice chunk in one trip! The animals would be really grateful! https://collectorcare.com/15-animal-shelter-donation-ideas-helping-animals-in-need/

Are you holding onto something that you don’t love? What would you be willing to let go of right now? Share in the comments below.

Of course, if you are a hoarder or have extreme clutter, there may be deeper issues going on with why you are unable to release things you don’t love. Please don’t beat yourself up about this! The first step is recognizing that you are struggling and could use some support. Collector Care is here to help you if you are a hoarder or who has a loved one who is.

Are you tired of being overwhelmed with things you don’t love? Ready to finally have only what’s important in your home? Collector Care can help you get organized and clear clutter so you can be surrounded by what you love and what brings you joy!

Call Collector Care at 925.548.7750 or email rachel@collectorcare.com to schedule your free 30-minute consultation and learn about how we can help you release items that you don’t love, need or use.

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