Hey Collectors!

Have you been putting off things that need to get done? Are you procrastinating on your chores? What stops you from going from to do to completed? Are you distracted? Would you rather be doing something else?

For many of you, you may associate chores with negative feelings from childhood. Household chores = bad memories. You might be reminded of being forced to do chores as a child, or like many of my clients, you were never shown how to do many chores, so you don’t really know how. Maybe your parents avoided chores and you are imitating them subconsciously. Maybe your stomach tightens at the thought of doing chores because you associate chores with being painful.

Let’s create a new pattern. It’s time to shift the way you think. Chores = happiness. Think of all the wonderful things that completing your chores would allow you to do. You can finally have people over because your home will be clean. You won’t be late because you can find things easily. You will save money because you aren’t buying duplicates.

For most of us, messy = yucky. Messy also equals embarrassment, guilt, humiliation, shame, stress and more.

Let’s define chores:

From Dictionary.com:

The everyday work around a house or farm.

The word “everyday” is key, as being organized requires a conscious, steady effort. You have to maintain your routine for it to last.

Rachel Seavey, Professional Organizer and Coach

Rachel Seavey
Professional Organizer +Coach

Instead of moving towards happiness, we stay in the land of procrastination, watching TV, scrolling through Facebook, and doing anything but what needs to get done. Avoiding. Procrastinating. Staying in a rut. Stagnate. No forward motion.

Do you want to remain unhappy not doing chores? Or find happiness by maintaining your nest?

At what point does being unhappy suffocating in a mess become worse than actually picking up and getting rid of the clutter?

How would you answer these questions, Collectors? Remember, you deserve to be happy! Stop procrastinating and start

What is the hardest part of you for starting a chore? What would you do it you got rid of your clutter? Share in the comments below.

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