Present Time

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A contemporary blend that brings you back from the past and future to present time— your point of power to create change and the life you desire. With tangerine, clary sage, spearmint, frankincense and eucalyptus. This smells of citrus, floral with slight earthy and mint.


Aromatherapy utilizes naturally extracted aromas from plants to bring you a renewed sense of balance, harmony, well being and health. Each 10 mL essential oil blend is designed with a different purpose. Our collection of best essential oils enhance your own natural process of decluttering, healing and renewal. The scents and aromas bring you a sense of strength and healing while supporting you on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey. We’ve hand-selected scents to support you on your journey toward decluttering your life. The aromatic blends of our collection reinvigorate, revitalize and renew.

Gently apply our essential oil blends to your temples or wrists. For a more invigorating experience, gently pop off the roller top and put a few drops in a hot bath or on a warm wash cloth.

2 reviews for Present Time

  1. Vanessa Giovanni

    Pleasant smell not too offensive and easy to apply. Arrived within a week.

  2. Rhonda Yates

    So happy this arrived last week. Grabbed extra for Christmas gifts. My girlfriends will love the smell and convenient packaging.

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