Space Clearing – Our Most Popular Blend!

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A refreshing blend of lavender, rosemary, lemongrass, tea tree oil and lemon to support you in releasing physical clutter. This flowery smell is punctuated with a zesty sweet scent.


Aromatherapy utilizes naturally extracted aromas from plants to bring you a renewed sense of balance, harmony, well being and health. Each 10 mL essential oil blend is designed with a different purpose. Our collection of best essential oils enhance your own natural process of decluttering, healing and renewal. The scents and aromas bring you a sense of strength and healing while supporting you on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey. We’ve hand-selected scents to support you on your journey toward decluttering your life. The aromatic blends of our collection reinvigorate, revitalize and renew.

Space Clearing is our most popular blends, and Rachel’s personal favorite. Apply to wrists and temples before, during, and after clearing clutter. Pop off the roller top and pour a few drops into a hot bath, or warm wash cloth for an even more aromatic experience.

3 reviews for Space Clearing – Our Most Popular Blend!

  1. Emily Atwood

    I received this from my husband as a gift, and it is just wonderful. After using, I feel energized and focused in getting my place cleaned up and organized!

  2. Adam

    Fast delivery and smells good too.

  3. Catherine W.

    Rachel and her team came to organize my garage last year, and when they were done she sprayed this lovely scent. She left me with her personal spray bottle of the fragrance. As with most things, I have not been able to find it! I was thrilled to see she is now selling this online.

    I love the scent, and just roll it on my wrists before I begin de-cluttering. Its soothing when I start to get anxious or distracted.

    My only suggestion is to sell it in the spray bottle like she originally gave me – it really made my garage smell like a spa!

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