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One of the best things about the holidays is decorating the house from the inside out. Every year, as soon as Thanksgiving comes to an end Christmas jolliness settles in. Whether your home décor includes a single mistletoe and garland, or a front yard filled with fake snow, these seasonal items can be a hassle to store when December 25th has passed.

Don’t let your fear of disorganization and clutter hold you back from going all out this Christmas. (And if it does, give us a call!) Here are some helpful tips on ways to store your holiday decorations when they aren’t in use. Follow these tips and keep your seasonal things out of sight, clean, and nicely organized until you need them again next year!

1. Use Plastic Bins

The bulk of your Christmas decorations can be kept in storage containers while they aren’t in use. We recommend using plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes as they are less likely to incur damage from water or pests. Plastic bins are also more durable and can be stacked, meaning they will take up less square footage in your home.

2. Clean Before You Pack

Before you put all of your decorations away for the season, give everything a fresh cleaning. Not only will this cut down your decorating time next year, it could help your decorations last longer. Indoor decor is likely to get dirty beyond accumulating a little dust, but outdoor decorations are at risk of collecting insect nests, which could be a major issue down the road. Avoid an infestation by giving everything a thorough wipe down before packing it away.

3. Wrap Everything Properly

Before putting all of your decorations away in bins, be sure to stuff tissue paper and bubble wrap between the items to keep everything safely stowed, and don’t forget to individually wrap fragile items to prevent them from breaking. This is especially important for tree ornaments made of glass. Do the same with any items that are made with plastic or paper so they aren’t damaged by condensation or bugs. If they aren’t fragile, Saran Wrap will do. Saran Wrap is also helpful for keeping your wreath snug until next season.

4. Label Everything

Not only is it important to label each bin with the contents inside i.e. “Christmas Decorations”, create an itemized list to affix to each bin before putting them away at the end of the season. This will make it easier for you next year in case you decide to pull out any decorations early or can’t remember which items you have.

5. Organize by Room

Another great way to keep track of which items are in which bin is to organize by room. This will help you next year when it comes time to decorate again as you won’t have to sort through everything and try to remember where each individual item goes.

6. Pack Wisely

Avoid taking up unnecessary space by packing smaller items inside of larger items. If you have large platters or jars for Christmas cookies, put smaller decor inside them before putting it all away in storage bins. Using this simple packing method will cut down the space you need and leave room for any new items you find on sale at the end of the season.

7. Dispose of Old Decorations or Your Tree

At the end of each holiday season, asses which decorations you didn’t use this year or are unlikely to use again next year. Avoid accumulating too much clutter by donating/throwing away any items you no longer need. If you buy a real tree each year, have a green disposal service eliminate the burden of heavy lifting by picking it up for you. This also ensures that the tree is disposed of properly.

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