“Rachel Seavey at Collector Care is an amazing professional organizer. She has a great team to assist on big jobs as well as one-to-one care.  She helped me organize my closet and even all the files on my computer. I HIGHLY recommend her services. She is the best in the biz.”

Gina B.

Berkeley, CA

“Rachel is a very thoughtful, caring and compassionate individual. I can’t say enough about her ideas and processes on how to keep your day to day on track. Being an overwhelmed mom of three, including Irish twins, I could definitely use help with scheduling and maintaining a calendar. In came Rachel with a list of tried and tested products and systems to make my life easier. Thanks for your help!”

Farah S.

Dublin, CA

“It was so easy and satisfying to have Collector Care come in. My mess had taken over a lot of my life to the point I was afraid it would NEVER be fixed. But Rachel and Tony came in and worked with me. The best part is that it has stayed that way and I’ve even continued a few projects on my own! Don’t worry about the embarrassment. Or stigma ( as I had been living with for years). Just call them. Super nice and they KNOW what they are doing.”

Jules D.

San Francisco, CA

“One day before Christmas, Rachel & Tony helped me empty out a small garden house and adjoining shed which had grown over-full with the miscellany of time and a kid grown up.  They were kind, efficient, respectful and fun. They took care of all the heavy lifting, but let me set the pace. They arrived on time and exceeded my expectations of what we could accomplish in a day. It was transformative! I really like how Collector Care works intuitively and attentively to bring light and order into a personal space. A service for the self, from the heart! Thank you both.”

Havi H.

Sunnyvale, CA

“I contacted CC because I was in desperate need of help. I had been living in garbage and depression for over 2 years. My therapist helped me find CC and we contacted them together. Rachel came to my house for the estimate. She was compassionate, knowledgable, friendly and professional. I was very anxious about having someone come in and look at how I was living, but Rachel put me at ease. I got a quote and a date that day. It was so easy. The clean up day could not have gone better. Rachel and a helper arrived and did everything even faster than anticipated. They were respectful of me and my belongings and super efficient.
If you any, organization, hoarding, extreme cleaning needs, contact CC. They are the best!”

Joanna B.

San Francisco, CA

“I am the owner of Bay Area Professional Organizer Co, and after 11.5 years of working with hoarders, I recently changed my business model, and am no longer taking on hoarding cases. When I get a call with someone struggling with hoarding, I am quick to refer them to Collector Care with complete confidence that they will be in wonderful hands throughout the process. They do a phenomenal job with clients.”

Kierra R.

Walnut Creek, CA