5 Tips For Living A (more organized) Lifestyle

Hey Collectors! What a year, what a year. We have all heard of new years resolutions right? Those promises that you make yourself every year that you are going to get organized, and then before February you are already stuck in the same rut you are now, feeling like you will never get organized.

So how can this year be better? What can you do differently? How and where do you begin getting organized? Grab your pencil and take some notes!

I jotted down 5 tips on how begin living a more organized life:

  1. Create a vision of the organized life you would like to live. Hold it in your mind and hold yourself accountable if you feel like you are straying from that path. Do make sure that the result is attainable and that you are not being a perfectionist.Set a cleaning and organizing schedule and stick to it – remind yourself about the kind of life you want. Scrutinize your schedule. Find the time. Don’t let yourself get off the hook so easy. You have to do the work in order to get the results. If one thing doesnt work, try something else, try a little less, try one thing at a time, but don’t give up. Break down your projects into smaller more manageable sizes so that you can continue your progress with less overwhelm.
  2. Find someone to help you feel accountable this can be a friend, family member, a coach, or someone that can be a body double and support you while you declutter.
  3. Practice getting rid of something everyday. The more you get used to letting things go, the easier it gets. Donate and recycle where you can and throw things away when they need to be tossed.
  4. If you have a problem with clutter I highly suggest you stop over accumulating and acquiring items that you don’t need. Be firm with every item that is going to enter your space. This is your home and you can’t let items in that don’t serve you. Say no to letting items inside of your home unless you need them.
  5. Here is to a new year and a new you! I know you can do it.

Have you joined our private Facebook Group?! I have been posting things that I am getting rid of and will continue to for the January challenge as well. I will also be looking for items that warrant a good chuckle! Just go onto facebook and find us under the hoardganize podcast page and request to join our group! Or if you are shy or not on facebook feel free to email your progress to [email protected] to share your progress with me!

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