Spring Cleaning + Sustainable Organizing

Spring Cleaning, Sustainable Organizing & Eco-Friendly Decluttering

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Do you get overwhelmed when you think about Spring Cleaning? Are there things you’re forgetting to clean? Have you thought about being green when decluttering and organizing but not sure where to start? Can your brain be affecting whether or not you are holding onto to things?

The average American uses 650 pounds of paper and consumes roughly 2 trees of paper products yearly. The majority of 4 million tons of junk mail that Americans receive annually ends up in landfills. In the U.S., 500 million straws are used daily. Eight million tons of plastic flow into the ocean every year. The U.S. recycling rate is 34.5%. If the U.S. were to get to 75% that would be equivalent to removing 50 million passenger cars roads.

48% of consumers say they would definitely/probably change their consumption habits to reduce impact on environment. One recycled plastic bottle saves enough energy to run a 100-watt bulb for 4 hours, creates 20% less air and 50% less water pollution created then when making a new bottle.

You can learn small steps to take to make a difference. You don’t have to be an eco- warrior to want to do sustainable organizing and decluttering. Being green can save you time, money, reduce your stress, and make an impact. This class shares easy tips for you to implement to be more eco-friendly.

Our class focuses on making your life easier, coming up with real solutions for you to spring clean, be more sustainable in decluttering and organizing and with a plan to take action. We want to save you time, reduce your stress, and get you motivated. We’re also sharing tips on the psychology of stuff to find freedom and peace of mind.

In this 60-minute class, you’ll learn:

• Tips for Spring Cleaning Inside & Outside

• Things you may be forgetting to clean

• How to be green when cleaning

• Julie’s 8 R’s of Eco Organizing & Decluttering

• Easy green tips for your home

• Apps for sustainable living

• The Psychology of Stuff and more

A 60-minute Q & A and group coaching will follow the class.

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