Cats and Clutter eBook


An easy to read guide for anyone attempting to de-clutter their homes. Especially if you cats or pets helping you make your messes.


The CATS AND CLUTTER E-BOOK will help guide you through your total home organization process. In this e-book you will learn organizing and cleaning tips and tricks for each room of your home. Learn how to clean and organize like the pro’s! Rachel Seavey shares her personal tips and tricks from the field! Spend less time scrubbing and more time enjoying your home.

This simple, easy to read book cuts to the chase and gives you realistic tips and hacks to help you get organized. If you have cats and clutter, this book is for you! Even if you don’t have cats, you will find all sorts of organizing and cleaning tips in this little gem. Great for hoarders, the chronically disorganized, or anyone overwhelmed with clutter.


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