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Professional Organizer & House Cleaner Coaching
About You:

– You are thinking about becoming a Professional Organizer or House Cleaner and need coaching getting your business started.
– You’re a new Professional Organizer or House Cleaner looking to build your business at a fast pace.
– You’re a seasoned Professional Organizer or House Cleaner who isn’t “busy enough” and you want to increase your client base.
– You are a Professional Organizer or Cleaner who wants to work with people with excessive clutter and want to pick my brain.

Why work with me?

Over the last decade I have had numerous Professional Organizers all over the world contact me looking for advice. These calls came from new organizers wanting guidance on how to build their professional organizing businesses as well as established organizers looking for that marketing edge to attract more clients.

It’s no secret that my business model is ultra successful and that people want to “pick my brain”. With my  ever busy schedule I really don’t have time to take quick calls anymore, though I still get many inquiries. I decided to go into coaching formally to better serve the people who really want that competitive marketing and business edge that I embrace. I have decided to coach a handful of  Entrepreneurs that are willing to invest in themselves and their business,  and truly want to level up in their careers.

I am a firm believer that all coaches need a coach, and have worked with several world class coaches throughout my career. I still work with three coaches. I have spent an incredibly fair amount of time, money, blood, sweat and tears to become the successful business woman you have come to know. Hire me as your Coach, and I will share my secrets so that you too can own a successful Professional Organizing or Cleaning Company.

My Coaching Style

My approach is to work with you and your talents. I will help you figure out what is going to work for your business – and the area you live in. I will assist you with marketing, social media, help with estimating jobs, business forms, and coach you on how to run an incredibly profitable organizing or house cleaning business.

When we work together, everything is individual and never a cookie cutter solution. Our sessions are confidential and I won’t work with another professional organizer if I feel there is a potential conflict of interest with an existing client.

Have a question about hoarding or extreme clutter? I am passionate that this group of people receive compassionate and professional support. It’s important to me that you provide the highest level of service available. I am here for support on your first hoarding case, or your most difficult hoarding case. Call me and pick my brain, I will tell you what’s worked for me.

The Professional Organizing Coaching Process

The first step is a free 30-minute consultation. I want to make sure we are a good fit and I have the right skill set to help you.

Once we decide to work together, I will send you an assessment to fill out. Once I have reviewed the assessment, we will schedule our first session.

I am happy to work within your schedule and budget, but recommend at least two coaching sessions a month.

I am available to work virtually via phone, Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts on Air, or in person in the San Francisco Bay area.

Schedule Your FREE 30 Minute Consultation:

Call (925) 548-7750 or email me at [email protected] to set up your free 30-minute consultation.


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